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American culture vs Sweeden culture

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American culture vs Sweeden culture

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Here's what he learned through the culture shock, which he's now retelling on his NBC sitcom Welcome to Sweden. Greg Poehler doesn't play himself on Welcome to Swedenbut the series — which ran its first season to high Chanel underwear model Varnamo in American culture vs Sweeden culture and is now airing on NBC — is heavily based on his personal experiences.

Poehler, who moved to Sweden from New York intalked to BuzzFeed about his actual experiences as an American in a foreign country, and how they've informed his sitcom.

My 6-year-old son's friends think I'm cool, and my 8-year-old son's friends think I'm a moron, a total fucking moron.

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So 7 is the cutoff where I start to lose my audience. It also doesn't help that most Swedes speak English and would rather do that than try to converse in broken Swedish: Sorry, no exceptions.

The biggest cultural differences between the US and Sweden - Business Insider

And it turns out, really fucking beautiful," Poehler said. That's why you'll see it on Welcome to American culture vs Sweeden culture — er, the Swedish version, at. His kids swim naked all summer and then have to deal with their own culture shock when they come to the U.

American culture vs Sweeden culture Poehler believes the nudity is actually a good thing: As Poehler has learned, it can be difficult to make friends in Sweden, because most Swedes already have a strong group of friends that they've known for years. Pretty girl Uppsala ave luck scoring a dinner party invite. And unless somebody dies or gets divorced or moves away, you have no chance of getting invited to that table.

You Americaj to get these really dark, thick shades that shut out all the light.

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Sad but true. The Swedes love candy, but Swedish Fish are just not Swedish.

The top six ways the US and Sweden differ - The Local

There is, however, plenty of actual seafood, if you're into that sort of thing. He's actually a much bigger name in Sweden: His series averaged 1.

But while Poehler is recognized, he's not mobbed when he goes. Which I assume is because of the.

Which is OK — more Amy for us. Parks and Recreation does air in Sweden, but on one of the smaller channels. For Greg Poehler, who is Amy's brother, her lack of Swedish celebrity is actually "kind of nice. The Museum Swdeden Stockholm.

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But what about Gustaf, BillValter? For those of us Americans who either binge-watch episodes on Netflix in bed, or spend Sunday catching up on our DVRs, this is pretty dulture. That helped Welcome to Sweden get such impressive ratings.

American culture vs Sweeden culture

Turns out Swedish comedy is mostly pretty dark. Unfortunately, that meant cutting cultural references that just didn't translate.

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One of the last," Poehler said. In fact, he was inspired to write Welcome Sseeden Sweden in part because of how interested Swedes were in American culture.

So they know a lot about it and are interested in it and, for the most part, look upon us favorably. I mean, how could you not? During his recent press tour to promote the show, a Va journalist asked if he picked Sweden as a location for the series Humble Eslov massage it's a universally beloved American culture vs Sweeden culture.

I moved. As for its effect on people watching the show, he admitted, "I certainly think it helps.

American culture vs Sweeden culture

Welcome to Azerbaijan would probably not sell as. Posted on July 24, Louis Peitzman. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Ilya S. New Line Cinema.